Indoor/Outdoor Group Classes


Mondays @ 5:15am

Enjoy an enthusiastic hour of core strengthening, weight training, and cardio.  We focus on cardiovascular endurance along with strength training while practicing the use of our core for stabilization throughout. The class will engage in a wide variety of exercises that will include modifications and enhancements for various levels.  

Duration: 60 min. 

Work it Wednesday

Wednesdays @ 5:15am 

 This is a total body, heart-pumping class that emphasizes sustained cardio and strength training. Show up, work hard, and have fun! Each week alternates between upper body/ core/cardio and lower body/core/cardio

Duration: 45 min. 




Fridays @ 5:15am

Work various circuit stations in this fun, fast paced class. Take turns on a treadmill, BOSU, Step, weight bench, punching bag, kettlebell, battle ropes, and much more. The vast variety of exercises will each include modifications as needed. You are guaranteed to have fun, get your muscles burning and your heart pumping. Everyone welcome! 

Duration: 60 min. 


Saturdays @ 8:15am

Our Saturday classes are always changing and challenging. The design of each class provides simple instruction for all levels as we focus on endurance, balance, coordination, and muscle toning.   Whether you are a newbie to fitness or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee a full-body burn. 

Duration: 60 min. 






Magnolia Fitness outdoor classes
Magnolia Fitness outdoor classes
Magnolia Fitness outdoor classes
Magnolia Fitness outdoor classes
Magnolia Fitness outdoor classes

Personal Training


Our certified personal trainer will collaborate with you in creating attainable fitness goals pertaining your lifestyle. A customized, goal-oriented, and progressive workout plan will be put into place.  


Sessions are tailored to address your individual needs, experience level, and any specific health considerations you may have. A variety of innovative training methods and techniques are continuously applied to create fun, safe, challenging, and effective workouts. 


Your trainer will provide motivation and education in order for you to efficiently achieve your desired results. All sessions are one hour and include a complimentary consultation and body analysis.  

Personal Training Before Picture
Personal Training after picture