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Ellen S.

Jenni made my fitness goals seem (and be) obtainable even with a busy and unpredictable work/life schedule. She keeps workouts interesting and challenging. Her training and support helped me get in the best shape of my life.

Colleen N.

If you are looking for a great workout that constantly changes and one that will push your limits, Magnolia Fitness is the place! Jenni is an amazing instructor who puts her heart and soul into her classes. Plus, you get to work out with a bunch of awesome women! Sorry guys - but no men as we like to “talk and share” womanly things! Come give this a try and I promise, you will be hooked!

Marie G.

Jenni is a great instructor. Each work out is different and challenging but she motivates you through it with options if needed. I have met some really great ladies during these work outs so it is always fun. I didn’t know anyone when I started but I never felt awkward and was part of the group instantly.

Sierra Z.

Ouch... but in a good way! First workout back after baby #2 and Jenni pushed me farther then I thought I could go! I have a feeling I'll be in pain tomorrow... but so worth it! Best workout in a very long time! Can't wait to go back for more!!

Dana H.

Best instructor EVER! Extremely motivating, friendly and inspiring! Great workout every time!!

Sarah P.

Magnolia Fitness is a great environment for women who are looking for small group or individual training sessions - Jenni does a fantastic job mixing up the workouts and providing recommendations/modifications for all skill levels. The group classes are a great way to stay motivated and hold yourself accountable. Would highly recommend giving it a try!!

Cara B.

I'm a sucker for all the trendiest workouts. I did crossfit for a couple years, yoga when I can, I run often, take group classes at a couple of different gyms...but NONE of them have left me feeling this sore! The inside of my elbows hurt. The INSIDE. I think the saying "muscles hurt that I never knew existed" is so overused but is so darn necessary after taking the Magnolia Fitness classes. 

Whitney A.

As a fitness instructor, I want a hard workout that's going to challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone. Jenni does just that and more. Fantastic boot camp class, never got bored and the hour went fast! Jenni is very organized, talks you through proper form and keeps you moving! Loved it! Especially all those damn mountain climbers. Got a taste of my own medicine there.

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